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Adesua Kruwa Project Breaks the Silence on Menstruation – Week Three

Mentors from the innovative Adesua Kruwa project of Mother of all Nations Foundation (MOANF) http:// moanf,org  engaged Basic 6 students in a crucial conversation about menstrual hygiene and the need to clarify myths about menstruation today Thursday, June, 1 2023. The interactive sessions were held at various centers in the

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Mother of all Nations Academy Celebrates End-of-Term with Preschoolers, Boosting Cognitive Ability and Creating Lasting Memories

The end of term party is a crucial aspect of preschool education, and its significance cannot be overemphasized. The party is an opportunity for preschoolers to socialize, bond, and have fun with their peers and teachers. The Mother of all Nations Academy “Our Day” celebration in Madina Zongo is an

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Virtual reading with professionals.

This year’s ReadCamp span a total of 3 weeks. The last week was dedicated to what we call Read with the professional.    During this period, participants get the opportunity to read materials that relate to talents and career choices and interact with professionals from various professions   Professional from

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