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Support 92 Children Through Preschool in Ghana


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Support 92 Children Through Preschool in Ghana


We give young children from disadvantaged backgrounds the best possible start in life. Our goal is to offer top-notch preschool education to kids between the ages of 18 months and 6 years. We want to provide these little ones with all the tools they need to learn and play, along with delicious and nutritious meals to fuel their learning journey. We believe that every child deserves a strong foundation for success in school. It’s our way of ensuring a bright future for all kids


Most vulnerable single mothers deprived homes carry their children on their backs while balancing heavy loads on their heads to raise money to feed their family. This means their children miss out on the crucial foundation of early education. As a result, these children often don’t begin their formal schooling until they reach the age of 7, and this delay significantly affects their educational development. They deserve a chance to a strong educational foundation to eliminate poverty


We’ve created a charitable nursery school, offering quality preschool education (from creche to kindergarten) to underprivileged children. We provide essential materials, engaging activities, and nutritious meals, fostering emotional and cognitive growth and building foundational skills for their academic journey.

Long-Term Impact

The intervention has a long-term impact of breaking the cycle of poverty by providing the children with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in formal schooling, improving academic outcomes, enhancing life skills, reducing social disparities, and empowering the community. These have a profound and positive influence on the lives of the children and their families, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and educated society.


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