Virtual reading with professionals.

Virtual reading with professionals.

This year’s ReadCamp span a total of 3 weeks. The last week was dedicated to what we call Read with the professional. During this period, participants get the opportunity to read materials that relate to talents and career choices and interact with professionals from various professions  

Professional from across the globe gets to read materials related to their professions with the participant and interact with them in issues related to their professions. This was done both in person and virtual for professionals who are miles away yet desired to spend time with the participants.   

This year’s Read with the Professionals had some remarkable experiences; some participants and professionals shared their stories.  

Priscilla Aryee JHS 1 of Pantang Village Basic School

When I was in class 5 my teacher asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I did not have an answer for her at once so she asked me to consider it as my assignment. It was on a Friday and I had to bring the answer on Monday morning.   

I was worried because I never really figured out who I wanted to be in the future, every profession sounded good to me, I have fantasized about myself as a doctor, a nurse, a police officer, and a lawyer. It was difficult to choose one. On Sunday when I went to church, I heard two women talking, one said she had received a strict diet plan from her Dietitian and since she started going by it, she has lost weight considerably and is now looking beautiful. The name Dietitian sounded nice to me so I decided that is who I will become. All I knew then was that a Dietitian is someone who plans what people should eat to lose weight and look beautiful until I can for ReadCamp 2022.  

The instructor I was assigned to is a professional Dietitian and she gave me a full insight on the profession. I got to know that a Dietitian is someone who plans and conducts food service or nutritional programs to help in the promotion of health and control of the disease. He/she may supervise activities of a department supplying quantity food services, counsel individuals, or conduct nutritional research. I now know the duties of a Dietitian and I love it.  

ReadCamp has given me an incredibly good understanding of what I want to do, I now know the subjects I must choose when I go to Senior High School and the subjects, I should pay extra attention to. I am grateful to the Mother of All Nations for this opportunity.  


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