Mother of all Nations Foundation inspires 2022 BECE Candidates

Mother of all Nations Foundation inspires 2022 BECE Candidates

The executive director and the management team of Mother of all Nation’s Foundation Ghana have embarked on a six-day visit to some selected basic schools within the La Nkwantanang-Madina Municipality.

The tour was aimed at encouraging over 500 pupils preparing to write the 2022 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

The schools included Pantang Junior High School, Umar Bun Hatab Islamic School, Madina Islamic School, Oxford International School, and other schools within the municipality.

During the tour, Mr. Newton, who is affectionately called King Zico, urged the students to learn hard and achieve good grades at the end of the examination, adding that they could only pass their examinations successfully when they put in the needed effort and work hard. 

“You are remarkable and unique people. You can achieve whatever you put your mind to. You only have to put in a little more effort and work hard,” he said.

Mr. Newton said it was important for the candidates to have a plan ahead of the examinations, adding that part of the plan was to have an expected grade that would push them to study.

 As part of the tour, each candidate was given a draft copy of the BECE certificate to write their expected grades on and was tasked with pasting copies of it at vantage points at home, in their exercise books to motivate them. 

Also, a “special” poem called “The BECE Poem of Affirmation” was given to each candidate to read every morning and evening to boost their confidence for the examination. 

A total of 552,276 candidates from 18,501 schools across the country will start this year’s BECE on Monday, October 17 through Friday, October 21, 2022.

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