Muslimah Mentorship Network partners MOANF for ReadCamp 2022

Muslimah Mentorship Network partners MOANF for ReadCamp 2022

The Muslimah Mentorship Network (MMN) partnered with Mother of all Nations Foundation (MOANF) on this year’s ReadCamp 2022 in Accra, Kumasi, and Tamale of Ghana in August and September this year. The Read Camp is a learning project targeted at developing the reading and imaginative writing skills of school-going children. The camp happened simultaneously in the regions in communities such as Madina, Pantang Village, Oyarifa, all in Accra, Aboabo in Kumasi, Zobegle in Tamale and Atanvi in Ho.

The Muslimah Mentorship Network who handled the second week of the project through stories and discussions encouraged girls in the camp to make education a very essential part of their life goals as it will set them free and empower them for an exciting future of possibilities.

Among the activities held during the mentorship session was one-on-one mentoring between mentors and mentees. This was coupled with an open mic discussion which gave the girls a platform to express their views on the importance of education.

The network used the opportunity to educate both girls and boys on Menstrual health and demystify the misconception most people have on Menstruation. Participants were taken through Sanitary towels and a demonstration on how to place pads on panties. They were also taught the proper way to dispose off the pads.

The executive director of Mother of all nations foundation Zico Ishaq Abubakar Newton stressed the importance of literacy initiatives, he reiterated that reading initiatives like the readcamp can be used as an advocacy tool to help reduce pressing issues the country faces which will contribute greatly in making Ghana achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 4) come 2030.

He thanked the network for its role in mentoring the girls and setting standards in a country where few Muslim women are making strides.

Muslimah Mentorship Network is a group of young Muslim women who have come together to impact the lives of young women. The network has been providing mentorship in Madrasas with its professionals for the past four years.

ReadCamp is the largest youth-led out-of-campus literacy project by the Mother of all nations foundation designed to improve the reading and creative writing skills of young people in communities during vacations. The camp has impacted 9000 lives within the space of eight years.

This story was first captured in the Angel Media online platform

Muslimah Mentorship Network partners MOANF for ReadCamp 2022



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