Basic School Children to be engaged by Career Professionals

Basic School Children to be engaged by Career Professionals

The Mother of All Nations Foundation board and its team have scheduled the 6th and 7th of September 2022 to hold the second edition of its “Read With Professionals” as part of activities to climax the ReadCamp 2022 project.

Read with The Professionals is a session where people with diverse professional backgrounds such as Pilots, Doctors, Journalists, Accountants, Engineers, and Security Services are carefully selected to spend time reading and discussing with participants (young people) of the ReadCamp project.

This program is designed to provide a meaningful experience for young people to interact in an informal environment while engaging in discussions and inspiring stories from the professionals to help children find answers to their questions about life, career, and what they want to be when they grow up

We believe that professionals spending productive time with participants will not only impact their literacy skills but will go a long way to boost their self-confidence, giving them a new positive mindset that makes them believe they can find themselves in any profession of interest.

The 8th edition of the Readcamp literacy project started on the 23rd of august 2022 and ran simultaneously in Kumasi, Accra, Tamale, and Ho. With the aim of improving the literacy ability and creative writing skills of pupils in deprived communities across Ghana for academic excellence.




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