AUCC student champions development in Madina Zongo

AUCC student champions development in Madina Zongo

Education is key in guaranteeing a better future for children. But for children within the Madina Zongo Community in Accra, a better future could be a mirage if care is not taken.

Madina Zongo is located within the La-Nkwantang-Madina Municipal Assembly, with a population of over 3,000 dwellers.

The number of school-going age children there far outstripped the only public school in the community. This number keeps increasing on a regular basis.

Although there are some private nursery schools in existence, these schools charge exorbitant fees which most parents cannot afford to enroll their wards in order to study and be great in future.

But all hope was not lost, thanks to the kind intervention of the Mother of all Nations Foundation, a community-based NGO in Madina. It has established a Charitable Nursery School that is providing the community with quality pre-nursery training service to salvage the situation at a reduced rate.

As opposed to the GH₵ 250 charged by private schools in the area for a term, with a monthly contribution of GH₵ 20.00 (GH₵60 a term), parents who want their wards enrolled at the Mother of All Nation Foundation’s Charitable Nursery School are guaranteed a serene atmosphere for teaching and learning, a free meal per day and above all a sound academic training for their wards and for a secured future.

This initiative is the brainchild of Mr. Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton, a level 400 student of the African University College of Communication (AUCC); championing the course of education in the Madina Zongo Community.

According Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton, popularly known as “King Zico”, who is the Director of the Mother of all Nations Foundation, he was able to do this with support from his friends and families.

The Charitable Nursery School has been in existence for a year and two months and has a population of 70 children and a teaching staff of seven.

The Director of All Nations Foundation says his aim of coming out with such a noble idea is to ensure that no child within the Madina Zongo Community is deprived of fundamental education which will eventually mar his or her future.

He is currently calling on benevolent organizations, public-spirited individuals, philanthropists including churches to come to his aid and support the initiative to grow so that he can achieve his dreams of nurturing young people to champion the course of change they want to see in the community and the nation at large.

“We want people who want to help to come on board and help, share ideas with us and support us to achieve the aim of establishing pre-schools in the deprived communities throughout the country,” he stated.

Speaking to Joy News in an interview, King Zico said his vision is “to establish a sound charity pre-schools of this kind in most deprived communities located within all the ten regions of Ghana”.

When asked what his expectations will be for the 2016, he said, “I want to expand, to see if we can absorb more students in the country into the School”.

The Mother of all Nations Foundation recently threw an end of the year party for all the seventy (70) kids to mark the Christmas festivity.

Naturally made fruit juices were served with variety of delicious food amidst entertainment, fun and merry-making. In addition to that sweets were lavished on the kids to take home as Christmas present.

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