‘Mother of All Nations’ Foundation Appreciates Radio Gold for “READ CAMP” Support

‘Mother of All Nations’ Foundation Appreciates Radio Gold for “READ CAMP” Support

A non-governmental organization, Mother of all Nations Foundation today presented a citation to Radio Gold 90.5 FM to appreciate the broadcast institution for its support towards their READ CAMP project over the years.

READ CAMP is a project aimed at inculcating the habit of reading and writing in children to prepare them for the future. It targets children in pre-school, Junior High and the Senior High school level.

Currently, the project takes care of children in the Madina community and its surrounding areas.This is done mostly during the long vacation periods.

Director of Mother of all Nations Foundation, Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton expressed gratitude to Radio Gold for its support since the inception of the program three years ago.

“Radio Gold has supported us consistently for the past three years and we are grateful to the station. Even though there are quite a number of radio stations in this country, Radio Gold has opened its arms wide to accept READ CAMP to impact the lives of children in the Madina community,” he maintained.

The Citation reads: “Radio Gold, thank you for supporting the READ CAMP 2017 literacy project to enhance the reading and creative writing skills of basic school children at the Madina municipality in Accra. We recognize your support and how it has impacted our lives. We are grateful and we celebrate you. The future of Madina is bright because Madina has you.”

According to Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton, this year’s READ CAMP slated for July 31, 2018, is expected to cover three communities and train close to a thousand children.

Volunteers will take participants through the various stages of reading to develop their reading and writing skills and will see every participant being provided with stationery in addition to a free meal each day.

“READ CAMP also serves as a solution to the challenge of most parents who cannot afford to pay vacation classes fee for their wards. We call on organizations to support the program to prepare the future for our children,” he added.

A beneficiary of the READ CAMP project, Huda Mohammed said the project has helped improve her reading skills.

By: Doris Frimpomaah Adunyah/Radiogold905.com

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