Official List of Madina Business Forum Participants and Certificate Numbers

This is a comprehensive list of participants who actively engaged in the Madina Business Forum, along with their corresponding certificate numbers. It is essential to verify your name and certificate number against this official list.

Anyone whose name does not appear in this list or whose name and certificate number do not correspond to the information provided here is in possession of a potentially forged certificate.

Please ensure the authenticity of your certificate by cross-referencing your details with the following list. Your certificate should reflect the accurate information as presented here:

  1.  Taiba Abdul Latif                MOANF/MBF/O9O92023/001

Your commitment to transparency and authenticity helps maintain the integrity of the Madina Business Forum and ensures that the achievements of genuine participants are duly recognized.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Coordinator Madina Business Forum 2023
Mother of all Nations Foundation



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