Full List of Educators Trained in Educational Play Pedagogy

Full List of Educators Trained in Educational Play Pedagogy

Mother of All Nations Foundation, in collaboration with the Global Fund for Children and Play Action International, organized an Educational Play Training to empower facilitators with the profound importance of play in our educational environments, both within classrooms and formal educational settings. The following is the list of participants actively participating in the training session.

FACILITATOR: Mr. Denis Siminyu Adero (Play Action Internation)

Hawa Tasala Gariba                                                            Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324003

Sarah Asiedu                                                                        Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324004

Francis Adu Amankwah                                                    Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324005

Godfred Edem Ahlijah                                                       Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324006

Bismark Sedinam Wordui                                                Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324007

Cecilia Akosua Agyekumwaa                                           Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324008

Yahaya Naama Hawa                                                         Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324009

Christiana Ansah Debrah                                                 Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324010

Portia Twumasi Asare                                                       Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324011

Eric Impraim                                                                      Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324012

Hawa Yaligia                                                                      Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324013

Mary Quaicoo                                                                    Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324014

Diana Kumi Ayebea                                                          Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324015

Hawa Yaligia                                                                      Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324016

Patience Akpene Sarbah                                                 Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324017

Rosalyn Carolyn Quaynor                                              Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324018

Francisca Edem Zanu                                                     Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324019

Susan Naa Lamiley Lamptey                                        Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324020

Yussif Caesar Nuhu                                                        Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324021

Diamond Freeman Mikado                                           Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324022

Ishaq Abubakar Zico Newton                                      Cert No: Gfc/Pai/Moanf/0324023

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