READCAMP Initiative to Boost Reading Skills of Young People

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READCAMP Initiative to Boost Reading Skills of Young People

“Championing the change we need to see in our communities; one at a time”.

These are his words most of the time. This is what he tells members of his community anytime he discuss issues of Community Development with them. He has been a selfless and dedicated advocate of this cause and his visibly burning desire towards this has never been in doubt.

Mr Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton is the Project Director of ‘Mother of All Nations Foundation’ – a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that seeks to improve on the educational standards of young people in deprived communities across Ghana.

One of the major projects of the organization which has assumed national recognition is the ReadCamp Project, an initiative that seeks to improve on the reading and writing skills of young people with the aim of exposing them to unlimited information to aid them in making informed decisions in their lives and also improve on their academic performance.

The ReadCamp in 2015 and 2016 has trained close to over 450 children; 150 and 300 respectively in reading and writing skills. The project uses carefully tailored methods of teaching to help its beneficiaries with the support of volunteers who serve as mentors. The mentors themselves go through a rigorous training so they can have the requisite skills to help nurture the reading abilities of these children.

This year, aside taking these 80 volunteers through a Two-Day Workshop, the project successfully enrolled 526 children within the Madina Municipality and these children aside reading, used the skills they have acquired from the camp to write letters to opinion leaders and stakeholders in their community to inform them on some pressing issues the community is facing and suggested remedies that may be used to address the situation.

Aside that, this year’s project will award certificates endorsed by: the Ghana Education Service Municipal Director, President of the African University College of Communication, Minister of Inner Cities and Zongo Development who doubles as the Member of Parliament of the constituency and the Project Director of Mother of All Nations Foundation.

The certificates would be in recognition of the relentless efforts exhibited by the Volunteer Mentors and their selfless effort in building the children through reading and putting the image of the community in good light.

ReadCamp 2017 in collaboration with the Madina Muslim Youth Organization has the support of the following: Adompoja, Blue Skies, Value Advertising, EPP Books, African University College of Communication (AUCC), Final Point Foundation, Max Million Production, Unsung Heroes Initiative, Durra Institute, Be My Bride Makeover, Lemon Green, Staff Karry Multimedia, Ascending Women’s Foundation among other youth social enterprises. Media partners include Guidance TV and

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