ReadCamp 2022 Launched in Accra

ReadCamp 2022 Launched in Accra

The Mother of all Nation Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), has launched the 2022 8th annual “Read Camp” to assist young people in underserved communities to improve their reading abilities during vacations.

The initiative, which will start from August 23 to September 09 in Accra, Ho, Kumasi and Tamale, is dubbed: “Guiding Change Inspiring Confidence..’’

Mr Zico Abubarkar Ishaq Newton, the Executive Director, Mother of All Nation Foundation, in a statement, indicated that the Camp was the largest youth-led off-campus literacy program designed to help young people, particularly those in underprivileged communities, develop their reading and creative writing abilities.

Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton, Executive Director Mother of all Nations Foundation

He said the Foundation recognized the importance of early reading development as the cornerstone for later success in children’s growth, hence the initiative and that the Foundation was dedicated to actively improving every child’s quality of life and creating a bright future for them regardless of their circumstances via reading and writing.

Prof. Abeiku Blankson, president of African University College of Communication, commended the Foundation for helping to educate children in deprived communities, forming their minds and making learning practical for their development.

Prof Abeiku Blankson, President of African University College of Communication

Mr. Edmond Addo Yobo, Acting Director for Ghana Library Authority (GLA), Greater Accra, said reading was a crucial component of gaining information for growth and that the Foundation was helping the (GLA) to improve the literacy rate in Ghana through reading.

He said the Ghana Library Authority had declared 2022 as the year of books with the primary goal of increasing reading materials and literary intervention to encourage reading.

Mr. Edward Adoo-Yobo Greater Accra Regional Director, Ghana Library Authority

Mr Yobo said the Ghana Library App was developed to provide Ghanaians access to unlimited knowledge resources.

“The Ghana Library Authority has also increased libraries across the country from 61 to 112 libraries across the country,” he said and urged young people to cultivate the habit of reading to add value to their reading abilities as they grew.

Alhaji Ali Dagadu, Madina Zongo Chief, lauded the Foundation for using reading as a tool to develop the Zongo community in Madina, nurture future leaders, and alter the stereotype of the Zongo community as being uneducated and engaging in immoral conduct.

He encouraged the young people in the Zongo community to read because knowledge was acquired only through reading and learning.

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