Dr. Nasiba Taahir Swallah, the Chairperson of our Board of Advisors, brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for community development to our organization. As a lecturer at the Islamic University College Ghana and a clinical psychologist, Dr. Swallah’s academic journey is marked by a dedication to empowering individuals and fostering positive change.

Her academic achievements are notable, including a Ph.D. in NGO and Community Studies from the University of Cape Coast, along with a BSc and an MPhil in Psychology from the University of Ghana. Her commitment to education and her field has not only enriched her own understanding but has also paved the way for her impactful contributions to society.

Dr. Nasiba’s influence extends beyond academia; she stands as a beacon of inspiration for the transformation of Muslim and Zongo women. Her mentorship has empowered countless young Muslim women, reshaping their narratives and amplifying their voices in spaces where they were once marginalized. She has played a pivotal role in rewriting the story of women in these communities, advocating for their empowerment and recognition.

Her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to empowering underrepresented communities make her an invaluable asset to our board. Dr. Nasiba Taahir Swallah exemplifies the spirit of leadership, empathy, and innovation that drives our organization toward positive societal impact.