Mother of All Nations Foundation Empowers Ghana’s Future: Certifying Dedicated Volunteers from Tertiary Institutions


In a heartwarming initiative, the Mother of All Nations Foundation (MoANF) has recognized and certified 12 exceptional students hailing from various tertiary institutions across Ghana. These remarkable individuals played an active role in the Adesua Kruwa Project, an inspiring endeavor dedicated to enhancing the confidence, literacy, and creativity of public basic school students.

The Adesua Kruwa Project aimed to uplift the lives of public basic school students by sharpening their reading and writing abilities while fostering their creative potential. To accomplish this noble mission, the volunteers tirelessly dedicated two hours every Thursday, conducting interactive sessions at several public school campuses. The impact of their dedication extended to six basic schools within the Madina Municipality, leaving an indelible mark on countless young minds.

MoANF expresses profound gratitude for the unwavering commitment and dedication displayed by these extraordinary volunteers. Their tireless efforts not only inspired the students they worked with but also significantly contributed to improving their self-confidence and literacy skills.

Here are the names of the exceptional students who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the Adesua Kruwa Project:

  1. Abdul Razak Laminu
  2. Abu Bernice Mariam
  3. Beatrice Ama Akyebi Asare
  4. Emmanuella Sarfowaa
  5. Mary Adu Boaheng
  6. Mary Konadu Forkua
  7. Abena Siaw Kyeremeh
  8. Kpordzro Prisca Adzoa
  9. Fred Davidson
  10. Susana Agyeibea Larbi-Asare

These 12 dedicated volunteers have not only enriched the lives of countless young students but have also set a shining example of selflessness and dedication in the pursuit of education and empowerment. MoANF looks forward to continuing its mission of nurturing Ghana’s future leaders and empowering the next generation of changemakers.